Intensive Needs Classroom Programs


60 East South Street
Bellbrook, OH 45305

Our three Intensive Needs Classroom Programs
will be located at the former Bellbrook Elementary School building.


Primary Classroom:

Rebecca Eakins

Middle School Classroom:

Tanya Dodge

High School Classroom:

Kirsten Johnson



Intensive Needs - Meeting the Needs of Each Individual Student.



Mission:  The mission of the Greene County Intensive Needs Classrooms (INC) is to provide a quality educational experience to our students with special needs so that they may reach their potential and be as independent as possible.  We work as a team to implement each student's Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Recognizing that many of our students have deficits in communication and behavioral challenges, we emphasize these two areas.  Individual student goals, objectives, and lessons are presented using structured teaching methods and visually mediated instruction.  Assistive technology is integrated within activities of the school day as appropriate for each student.  The ultimate goal for our students is to acquire independent living skills so that they can become more functional in their homes, their school or work environments, and in the community.  To bridge transition from school to community adult programming, we connect out students to their chosen community program provider during their high school experience.

Students placed in the Intensive needs Classrooms have significant deficits in the areas of communication and behavior.  Often students have a diagnosis of autism, although that is not necessary to be considered for the program.  Usually students also have high needs in the sensory area, and require sensory integration treatment.

Typically there are not more than six students per class assigned to one teacher and two assistants.  Related services may include speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and adapted physical education per the student's IEP.  Least restrictive environment is always considered and when possible, students have opportunities to participate with peers in other classes.

The Intensive needs Classroom Programs are open to students in any school district in Greene County on a space available basis by referral from a student’s district of residence.  
For more information about the INC program, contact:  
 Amy Baldridge,  INC Supervisor, 937-848-6131


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