Outdoor Advantage Program

Outdoor Advantage nurtures students in a smaller, hands-on, alternative learning setting.

60 East South Street
Bellbrook, OH 45305
937-767-6142 (at site)


The Greene County ESC Alternative Program for Middle School students in grades 6 - 8 is housed at the former Sugarcreek Elementary building in Bellbrook, Ohio.  The program is targeted for students that would benefit from a smaller, alternative learning setting.

Outdoor Advantage is designed to support hands-on, project-based learning. Easy access to Sugarcreek Reserve incorporates outdoor experiences with standards-based instruction. This program combines core course education with outdoor activities and curriculum to help provide goal setting opportunities for students who are at risk of not being successful in a traditional school setting.

The program also provides mental health therapy for the students needing extra support.

Mission Statement

By offering a non-traditional academic, career, and life skills program, the Outdoor Advantage Program nurtures and encourages a responsible, ethical, educated, and self-sufficient environment for students.


• Provide a positive safe place for young adults; free of drug, alcohol, violence, weapons, hate, intolerance, and disruptive behaviors

• Provide a structured environment for learning with an emphasis on academic preparation and based on individual student abilities, interests, and employability skills

• Provide a learning environment which promotes student self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-efficiency

• Provide a research-based continuum of academic, vocational, social, and mental health services

• Provide a staff of caring teachers, therapists, counselors, and support personnel, all of whom are advocates for children, young adults, and families

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