Expense Reimbursement



The Board will provide for the payment of the actual and necessary expenses, including traveling expenses, incurred by any employee of the Greene County Educational Service Center in the course of performing services for the Board, whether within or outside the County, under the direction of the Board.



Local travel expense incurred in the execution of duties is defined as official business trip or trips required during the normal business day to reach a subsequent duty station(s) or building(s) after having performed services at your first assigned duty station for the business day.   (Mileage from residence to the first assigned duty station where normal services are performed for the business day is not reimbursable and mileage from your last assigned duty station where services are performed for the business day to your residence is not reimbursable.)  First assigned duty station will be determined by superintendent and supervisor.




Travel shall be paid at the Board-approved rate.  The superintendent or his/her designee must approve other reimbursed job-related expenses in advance.  The use of a personal vehicle shall be considered a reimbursable travel expense if:

1.              travel is between schools supported by the Greene County ESC,

2.              travel is required to a local business to obtain job-related materials,

3.              The Superintendent or his/her designee authorizes travel in advance.


Actual and necessary expenses to attend professional meetings, conferences, etc., outside the ESC will be reimbursable to the employee if approved in advance by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Governing Board of the Greene County Educational Service Center, Yellow Springs, OH

File:  DLC

Adoption Date:  Dec. 12, 2002

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The Treasurer shall prepare written procedures for the reimbursement of expenses to include the following:


1.              Each request will specify the purpose for the expenditure.

2.              Travel will be the most direct and economical route per approved mileage chart.

(a)            Mileage must be computed based on actual miles driven.

(b)           Mileage paid is at the current Board approved rate.

(c)            Mileage is reimbursable to only one ESC employee when more than one ESC employee travels in the same vehicle for the same authorized travel.

3.              Reimbursement for the job-related expenses other than local travel must be pre-approved by the superintendent or his/her designee.

4.              The Superintendent must approve final reimbursement.

5.              Mileage will be paid to one driver to a given destination on a given date unless specified approval is given in advance by the Superintendent.



[Adoption date:            December 17, 1987]

[Re-adoption date:       December 14, 1995]


LEGAL REFS:            ORC 3313.12; 3313.20