Substitute Teacher and Assistant Orientation

Substitute Teacher and Assistant Orientation

Event Begins: 08/08/2017 12:00 PM

Event Ends: 08/08/2017 03:30 PM

Location: Commons 3-4

It is our pleasure to welcome you as a substitute teacher in the programs of the Greene County Educational Service Center.  Our programs include:

·      Greene County Learning Center

·      Greene County Preschool Programs

·      Greene County Outdoor Advantage

·      Greene County Academy

·      Greene County Intensive Needs Classrooms


       The services and good work that you perform as a substitute are highly valued, as you have the ability to make a positive contribution to the work of these schools. By agreeing to serve as a substitute, you have indicated acceptance of full professional responsibility for the tasks that you are assigned. Through your work with our schools, you have agreed to abide by their policies, rules and regulations as part of every assignment you accept.


       Please attend this orientation session in order to become acquainted with the ESC policies and job information, including the operating times of each of our programs. For additional information or to sign-up to become a substitute teacher or substitute classroom assistant, please contact Anita Sams at 937-767-1303, ext. 105